About us

Backa through 6 generations

In 1831 Anders Andersson the Elder and his wife Carin Pehrsdotter bought Backa Övergård for 666 sek. The new house was started in 1835 and 21 years later his son, Anders Andersson Jr, took it over for 1000 sek. They needed a larger house, and so in 1864 there was built an addition with two front chambers (rooms at the back). The following year  a new barn was built.

In 1868 Anders married Kerstin Andersdaughter from Melltorp Smedsgård in Hyssna and in 1883 they bought Backa Nedergård. They had six children; the eldest, Frederick in 1900 took over Backa Övergård with his wife Alma Eriksdotter from Bonnared Östergård (also in Hyssna). Their second son, David, had meanwhile (in 1898) taken over Backa Nedergård. Backa was with this once again two properties. Frederick and David’s youngest sister, Augusta later built a house in the middle between these two farms (in 1939), and these three farms were reminiscent of the Bullerby stories.

Frederick’s son, Erik Andersson (Karin Bohlin’s grandfather), that same year purchased Backa Övergård and Backa Nedergård, together with his wife Ellen Adelia. In 1954 they built a new barn on Backa Nedegårds property and the old one was demolished. Ellen and Erik had three children, Kerstin, Dagmar and Ingrid; Dagmar later (in 1960) took over the farm together with Gunnar Persson. They carried on farming for almost 30 years,with over a hundred sheep grazing in the pasture. before the next generation took over. In the beginning horses were used on the farm, but they were eventually replaced by the ”iron horse”, the tractor.


We who live here today
In 1989 a moving van came to Hyssna with Karin and Anders Bohlin and family.  We moved in to Backa Nedergård at first and filled the barn with mushrooms, and cows with their calves.
In the larger part of the barn we grew mushrooms – Oyster Mushrooms which were delivered direct to markets.  The cows with their calves continued to keep the grazing pastures open and in good condition.  After having leased the farm for a year we bought it in 1990, which made us owners of a whole farm with three residences and an apartment.
We started by hiring out Backa Övergård and the apartment.  Between 1993 and 1995 we renovated and extended the middle house, which we then moved in to.
Backa Övergård was then also hired out.  Karin’s sewing machines and cloth were moved into the apartment, and that eventually became the start of the sewing shop Adelia.  In 2003 a new barn was built adjoining the old one.  The number of animals was increased and all of them were set free in the pasture with free availability to food in a light and spacious building.

Karin and Anders

The siblings Bohlin




Live on a farm
In 2008 we changed the method of hiring out Backa Nedergård to ”Live On a Farm”, hiring out by the week.  That suited the Bohlin family perfectly, and so in 2011 Backa Övergård also was furnished to be able to receive guests for weekly hiring out on the land.

Backa Övergård

Welcome to us to live on our farm!