About Hyssna

Hyssna Hyssna resort is located in Västra Götaland County and belongs to the municipality of Mark. Only 40 minutes drive north-west lies Sweden’s second city Gothenburg.

Hyssna is a scenic location with large elements of agriculture and forestry. There are plenty of nice viewpoints, lakes and cozy tourist destinations, such as strawberry picking and farm shops. For those of you who like to hike, there is the 40 km long tour, Hyssna trail that takes you around Hyssna and its attractions. It is also possible to move some parts of the trail. In Hyssna is one of Sweden’s northernmost beech forests, Stomsås, with its own special character and rich birdlife. Sit down at the picnic table and enjoy the tranquility and a packed picnic basket. A 450 meter long trail takes you around the area and also offers magnificent views over Surtans valley.

In Hyssna there are many hidden geocaches

Examples of excursions

  • Torkels Hiding
    It is said that the cave was named ”Torkels hiding” because of the Backa farmhand Torkel who needed to hide here from the Danes in wartime. Here you can with the help of a flashlight climb down and see how Torkel had it in his hideout.
    Find us: Go to Little Hålsjön, past the swimming area about 50m and follow the sign to the left.
  • Liagärde
    Liagärde Nature Reserve is a forest reserve, which extends around an impressive knoll, from which one has a breathtaking view of the Great Hålsjön, between Hyssna and Rydal.

Companies in Hyssna
Just a few miles from Backa farm you will find cozy cafes and shops. A famous cafe which is built in an old sawmill is in Hyssna, Kvarnen i Hyssna. Here you can enjoy a cup of coffee, lunch, and artists performing on special occasions. Then you can sample the cheeses and buy homemade bread in their farm shop. At Skafferiet i Hyssna you will find juices, jams, marmalades and other goodies grown in the district. During summer, if you want to try the pick-it-yourself culture, you can also pick strawberries and take up new potatoes in Melltorps or Friareds pick-it-yourself. Along the road 156 (toward Gothenburg) you will find furnishings shop Blommigt och Prickigt. It offers cozy home decoration, flowers, clothes and a café.

Close to city life

  • Gothenburg: Here you will find the large amusement park Liseberg. In Sweden’s second largest city, you can also enjoy a stroll on the Avenue, shopping, find a cozy restaurant or go out to sea. Drive: 40 min.
  • Borås: Take the kids to Borås Zoo or stop by Borås bathhouse. This cozy little town also offers shopping and dining. Drive: 30min.
  • Ullared: Go to the discount store Gekås. Here you will find everything you could possibly need for your home at great prices. In 2009, the department also had its own television series on tv Channel 5. Drive: 60 min.
  • Kinna / Skene: In Kinna and Skene you’ll find Sweden’s big textile kingdom. It was in Mark Municipality where the Swedish textile industry grew, and here you will find several world-famous textile companies. Drive: 20 min